Bloody Bora Bora


Ah, Bora Bora. The epitome of natural beauty.


So why the bloody hell are the Kardashians here? Well, they’re not anymore, that was so 2011. (Equilibrium has been restored.)

However, they have left their mark at Bloody Mary’s, a bar, restaurant and institution on the French Polynesian island.

The rich and famous along with ordinary cashed-up folk have been visiting the watering hole since it opened in 1979.


Any visitor worthy of a mention, and who’s announced themselves either by way of shenanigans or self promotion, can expect a legacy — their name inscribed at the door. Literally, in white paint for everyone to see. Trust an American owner to think of such symbolism.

And with party animal monikers like Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore, Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen, you know you’re in good company. More than 230 hedonists appear on the two timber walls of fame at the entrance.


This is no Manhattan style bar though. Remember these folk are vacationing or honeymooning on a tropical island. So, expect a large thatched roof hut, tables made of coconut palm lumber, stools cut from palm trunks, and a sandpit for a floor.


With a Bloody Mary cocktail thrust into your hand, it’s time to view the catch of the day, laid out on a long tray of ice, and decide your fresh seafood fate.

Eyes dart between fish steaks and possible celebrity sightings.


So how did KK leave her mark at Bloody Mary’s? Did she earn a place on the wall of fame, or did she simply scratch a coconut table with her handbag?

Hmm. Is that worth knowing? Bit far to travel to find out too, huh?

Rob Dunlop